TechSawmill Features

A software application for Saw Mill Inventory Management which is designed in order to ease the process of Saw Mill Management.

Production Order

Generates an action recommended production orders based on a combination of Sales Orders demand and Inventory Policy.

Waste Tracking

TechSawmill software appriximates the volume of waste timber remained after goods processing.

Reporting Services

TechSawmill helps in generating various reports needed in Sawmill business including Sales and Forest reports.

Front Office Management

As we say first impression is the last impression. With Our front Office Management Module you can create a tech impression on a client.

Document Creation

This module creates documents which will help in order management. Documents created are Quotations and Invoices.

Customer Module

With the help of Customer module, all the information of the clients can be saved.


TechSawmill Helps You To Achieve Success

TechSawmill can help to make your Sawmill business more efficient and profitable


Tracking of all inventory movements from the original receipts of timber logs, through production issues, production receipts, transfers, and finished product sales.

Automatic Cost Calculation

User defined formula based costing methodologies calculates costs in real time while taking into consideration units conversion.

Inventory Control

We have a full inventory control with the help of master inventories by keeping track of sold and required stock.


Other Products

We at TechNirmiti also developed the following products for our clients to understand their business so that they can decide what is needed to make it better and better.


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